Tuesday, 30 May 2017


This is not the blog I thought I was going to write. It is the blog that has demanded writing; it has ‘written me’.

I have been spending much time thinking, reflecting, reading, questioning, and responding/ reacting to the coming UK General Election.

AND I conclude……

What I deeply want is a kind, a truly kindly society.

I want, and believe it is possible to build a society that honours the connections and the diversities of all human beings:
  • ·      Those that live in our society and those that live in other societies.
  • ·      Those that live ‘like me’ and those that live differently.
  • ·      Those that ‘look like me’ and those that look different.

I want each human to be valued, to feel safe in their life and the places they pass through - as individuals and communities.

I want each human to value the environment we are privileged to call home – that includes the plants and animals that share it with us.

I want each human to have:
  • ·      A safe, warm (or cool) home
  • ·      Education
  • ·      Healthcare
  • ·      Enough food
  • ·      Access to water and sanitation – free
  • ·      Pollution free air to breathe
  • ·      Access to Energy renewably and responsibly resources
  • ·      Meaning and purpose in their lives
  • ·      Creativity, the Arts, the Sciences to be part of their lives

I want each human to know they have something to contribute and to be able to do so, to feel they belong and matter.

I want infrastructures (eg transport) that serve communities and populations effectively, investment and connect us – locally, nationally, internationally.

People may say this is utopia yet this is much of what those who had survived two World Wars designed and worked for when there was no money in the coffers and the UK was in debt……..


  1. Thank you for the courage to stae what you want, what you wish for, what you believe in...it is a wonderful place to stand, and to start from. Thank you also for using the phrase to "serve", to much of what is happening now is driven by what we can get not what we can offer or give.

  2. Just found this Mark - thank you.