Monday, 30 January 2017


TODAY I've found myself in the land of despair. I don't like it. I wriggle, resist, cry and stamp like a two-year old.

Until, worn out I discover despair takes me inside and I find again the slowly budding contribution, the one I can wholeheartedly make - the writing and sharing of the glorious gifts women's lives bring the world. The inspirational women with whom I've been in conversation these last years. Those women who've told me of the women who have inspired them, kept them going, challenged them, impacted their lives....

One such was a Gugu, a granny (a minute, laughing soul) in 2009, in Kaylisha, a Township in Cape Town, South Africa - who spoke of 'getting my life back' when in 1966 she stood in front of a Saracen tank and refused to move. Before, she said, she had 'been in despair'. Afterwards 'I was alive'.  'And now, even better, I'm free, I can go where I will'.... 'There was a future, there's always a future'.

With thanks to the Poet, David Whyte:
"Despair is a necessary and seasonal state of repair, a temporary healing absence, an internal physiological and psychological winter". (Consolations - The solace, Nourishment and Underlying Meaning of Everyday Words, David Whyte, Many Rivers Press 2015).

Spring silently slips into the world, slowly the seasons change - they can't be skipped 😄

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