Wednesday, 1 February 2017


Who would create the new must endure the passing of the old in full tranquillity
(Rudolf Steiner - Source unknown)

I was sent this quote today and it stirred a reaction - how can tranquillity be relevant right now?

And then it struck me - so many of the women I met in these Women of Wit, Wisdom & Wonder conversations had a deep tranquillity in them despite the most extraordinary of circumstances including:
  • bereavement
  • rape
  • exile
  • being sex trafficked 
  • working with Doctors who developed PTSD after working in war zones
  • financial loss
  • being shot 
  • homelessness

So now I'm really curious about tranquillity as an active experience...

Tranquility in ancient and wildness 
Callanish Stones, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides


  1. I am sure they would have much to teach us about how to be in these times in the UK and across the Atlantic.They seem to find a way to "get on with it" and they seem to access something great in themselves through their adversity.

  2. It's from tranquility that we can respond, be in action, vs. being in reaction. We can use anger vs. being angry.